What is a lessons learned meeting guidelines

However, we can also sum up the purpose of a lessons learned meeting as being to drive change. Business Plan Template. Managers should embrace the process as a management and leadership tool. Exhibit 1 — Lessons Learned Process. An example of an effective lessons learned tool would be a consistent lessons learned input form.

what is a lessons learned meeting guidelines

Finally, the facilitator should always ask the three key questions. Voting on the top lessons learned In my experience, this conversation should provide you a wall full of feedback from your project team.

How to Get Your Next Lessons Learned Meeting Right

Invite your team. The way I like run lessons learned is to ensure everyone has a voice! Getting the best from the people in your meeting will need some skilled facilitiation.

what is a lessons learned meeting guidelines

These categories can be subdivided into more detailed categories. The project survey will help the participants to be better prepared to respond during the lessons learned session and will also give them the opportunity to provide input if they are unable to attend. Lessons can be identified at any point during the project.

Lessons learned

Most importantly, the process of facilitating the meeting! And remember, this documentation should not be only saved on your computer, it needs to be saved in a SharePoint or a central location where future project managers have access to.

It happens to all of us. Better yet, host a 30 min review session with the project sponsor and executive team to go over these lessons and recommendations if your organization is truly wanting to learn to mature its project management practices.

what is a lessons learned meeting guidelines

I hope you will find this model useful. Do also consider doing a survey of team members for their individual LLs in advance of the meeting. At level 1, organizations should be able to produce lessons learned detailed and summary reports from information gathered during the team sessions and share these reports with immediate project stakeholders. The use of categories will ensure key information is not missed and will later help to focus the discussion.

Lessons learned can be used to improve future projects and future stages of current projects.

A Simple Model for Facilitating Lessons Learned Session

Thanks for this; Im officially a huge fan of your blog. During your project, lessons learned meetings typically fall either at key points in your project, on on regular project team meetings.

Standard categories for each project should be defined and additional categories specific to a project can be added. The facilitator should strive to keep the discussions at an issues level and avoid finger pointing.

It may mean added or improved procedures and processes. This paper explores the different levels of lessons learned and provides solutions to assist with the transition from your current level to the next level.