What is a jitterbug cell phone

A calendar feature would be very helpful for everyone.

what is a jitterbug cell phone

Learn how your comment data is processed. Because everyone likes to take a selfie every now and then, the Jitterbug Flip features an improved camera with a flash, along with additional storage capacity and memory.

Phone came today; I called to activate. I asked if they could put through my complaint. Monthly Data Plans: Fixing the beeps and dial tone issues would make the phone better, but one would still be stuck with an unnecessarily big bulky phone. Many other companies have the correct dates in advance, you should too.

Jitterbug Flip and Smart: The Latest Senior-Friendly Cell Phones

They said they would. If you are dissatisfied with your new phone, return it during those 30 days for a full refund. While teens may use them primarily for texting friends and posting selfies, cell phones can serve a very different and vital safety purpose for older adults.

I get the following error message whenever I click on View Statement. I would like to recommend for future phones that you add a calendar feature. Thank you to Nicole and GreatCall for helping through this! Best, Amie.

Jitterbug Commercial

But the all-new Jitterbug Flip is not just designed to be functional. What you are doing can clearly be seen on the screen so why are the beeps necessary? However their billing indicates they bill in arrears.

what is a jitterbug cell phone

I love my Jitterbug! The Jitterbug phone's main differentiating feature when they first hit the market, for older adults as well as their loved ones, was a dedicated button for emergencies.

Its voice dialing capabilities will connect you with the right person.

I love my Jitterbug!"

The phone comes with everything users know and love from the Jitterbug name — including the preloaded 5Star emergency app, as well as MedCoach and UrgentCare. The flip-open cover even prevents accidental calls e.

what is a jitterbug cell phone

The Jitterbug Smart GreatCall's response to the fact that more and more seniors are getting in on the mobile movement, the Jitterbug Smart features larger text and icons, and is the company's biggest smartphone. A simple cell phone for seniors, those that grew up when phones were connected by wires. I called customer Service CS and asked to speak to a manager.