What does cereb hill mean on ultrasound

The foot should not be seen. They are of doubtful significance as an isolated finding. Does it say cerebellum underneath that pic?

cereb measurments4.9 percent what does it mean

General Chat. How did your baby with the small cerebellum progress? Yeah, we don't measure the brain stem. A smooth intact skin line should be visible throughout. Me and my husband have had a strange sense of something "not right" with the baby since I discovered I was pregnant. I've read that anything below 5 can be seriously problematic and I'm just skating above that.

I guess if the tech really thought my baby had it she wouldn't have been allowed to say, but her question and comment is really starting to make me wonder.

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Go ahead and ask your doc because it will make you feel better but I think the comment makes no sense. There are a lot of "soft markers" for Down Syndrome.

She was diagnosied with IURG after she was born. Help with ultrasound Hi I had my 20 week ultrasound today.

We now offer Pregnancy Aquanatal classes! It doesn't matter if my baby has Down's Syndrome, I will love it even more, but I was wondering if anyone had a scan like this and if the baby did have it. The correct plane for the measurement of the head circumference HC and bi-parietal diameter BPD must include the cavum septum pellucidum, thallamus and choroid plexus in the atrium of the lateral ventricles. An axial plane through the chest and upper abdomen shows the heart and stomach on the same side which has been proven to be the left.

The femur bone must only be imaged when it is parallel to the probe as it will not be foreshortened. This might be helpful. Originally Posted by cowsmum. View Profile. After which I asked so everything looks alright and the lady said from what we can see at this stage yes While they were doing the measurements I noticed the cerebellum measured small.