What does 2 bit gangster meanings

what does 2 bit gangster meanings

Definition One: With the adoption of the decimal U. Early last semester, the porch on my apartment was declared a " no flex zone ," so that both our guests and residents could experience a space in our relatively big, six bedroom Boston abode free from flexing.

When it comes to two bits, the quarter-dollar stands for the required amount.

What Does It Mean To Get "Lit"? The Answers To Your Slang Questions Aren't As Obvious As They Seem

While flexing and the idea behind it have been popular for a long time, it was recently re-popularized by Rae Sremmurd, a hip hop duo comprised of two young brothers who were both under 21 around the time their song was released. Hence "two bits" is a quarter. I know what you all are thinking — to be lit must mean to be high. Smartass ; somebody who always has to get the last word in. This is how one would make change so to speak.

It's all about doing it safely, with the people you love, and maybe on a Tuesday if the club is going up. Respeck 26. Caute 20.

What does "three-bit" mean?

But what does "flex" mean in the slang sense of the word? It's important to strike that balance and know there's a time and a place for both. The nearest coin to it is a dime, which is, short by a fifth. I was expecting a tale of fun and excitement, but instead I listened to a two-bit story about Rick's trip to his grandmother's.

what does 2 bit gangster meanings

But how about an odd bit? Sometimes you can't help but flex a little even in the no flex zone.

what does 2 bit gangster meanings

We didn't need a sarcastic remark Two-Bit. Shut up about it already , Two-Bit. Here are some examples of lines rappers and other artists have used that will illustrate proper usages of the word:. Two bits means one quarter currently the American twenty five cent piece.