What do marine corals eat

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Indirect Feeding: Originally Posted by capecoral Holy fish poop yes I just learned that poop is coral food Hope all this can be figured out by the time I get my 55 up and running. Matter of fact, this is how corals get most of their food, especially when it comes to growth and reproduction. Hamilton, Canada Posts: Geoscience Research Institute http: Awesome picture!

what do marine corals eat

Let the food mixture soak for 10 minutes. There are, however, corals that live on food alone, and which don't require sunlight.

What Do I Feed My Corals?

Find More Posts by larrynews. Sep 2005 Location: Good information but nothing new I'm afraid. Newburgh, Indiana Posts: Then, you could show that fleas bite baboons and that baboons eat fleas.

what do marine corals eat

This will allow the food to dissolve into the salt water. And the more plankton that is flowing in the water, the more that ALL the corals will grow.

Corals get their food from algae living in their tissues or by capturing and digesting prey

Not Helpful 3 Helpful 1. Direct Feeding: May 2008 Location: Originally Posted by dogstar74 I'm not being argumentative, but I'd like to see a reference on this statement. Some corals' requirements are so specific to their environment in the wild that they are almost impossible to simulate in an aquarium.

Zooplankton is the major food of corals, and many small fish too many baby fish eat only zooplankton. With my fascination of reefs from watching tv, I have since been doing a ton of research I knew I went to school for something! I wonder for those of us who are land locked what alternative to freshly harvested plankton there may be.

what do marine corals eat

All coral rely on photosynthesis for part of their nutritional needs. Crandall, M.