What did google look like in 1998

Another 10 and we may have neural interfaces!

what did google look like in 1998

It even says so! This is Narayan Singh Gurung from London. Very many show broken images...

What Did Google Used To Look Like? A Visual History Of Everyone's Favorite Search Engine

IE 4, which came out in 1997 doesn't even look that alien. Before southwest. Where have the sane people moved on to? Yup, Amazon is known for not updating their design much. Heck, they didn't even know what Google was until 06 haha and me to.

Google in 1998: New Easter Egg Takes You Back in Time

I thought my silly little website was pretty cool. There's also Google Sites. Can still remember the thrill and anticipation of my first session on the web! Explore more about: Probably used Time Machine for the screen shots. I used to use the search engine OpenText, which they made private and now is one of their flagship products.

what did google look like in 1998

DIY Security. Not too many sites like that left didn't say none, just not that many left.

Here's What Google Looked Like The First Day It Launched In 1998

It takes me back in a big, bad way. I'm more inclined to think the laptop is the best candidate for endangered species by then.

what did google look like in 1998

What's next? Yup, the desktop PC won't "die" in the forseeable future, but it's definitely not the only way to compute anymore. Hmmm you're probably right, my memories and their chronology from 20 years ago are vague at best.

what did google look like in 1998

And about two years later, on Oct. I used to use Excite.