Unit reflection who we are

unit reflection who we are

Both approaches had pros and cons which I will discuss later. Judging Artwork After you collect your artwork, it is time for judging. Just something to think about.

unit reflection who we are

There is so much value in this reflection for you and for me from reading it. What can I teach others about me and my world?

A Provocation Into Who We Are & Reflection

I love Picnik as it is easy to use and quite versatile when it comes to simple photo editing. I also dropped the ball on the remembering to bring attention to the Approaches to Learning. The significant concept I was hoping to convey was: How did I help others during this process? At the same time, I find the current set up to be a bit confusing for kids and some adults.

Writing- language Correctly use a range of vocabulary Use descriptive words that add interest and meaning to writing. Expression Without Language Intrepid Teacher These posts are so very valuable to write and yet they are so painful too.

25 Self-Reflection Questions to Get Students Thinking About Their Learning

Are they mostly positive or negative? Marathon Man Intrepid Teacher. What is the most important thing I learned personally? Your suggestions of what students should be able to identify in their reflections sounds good too. What were some of my most powerful learning moments and what made them so? Tag Cloud code edtechchat pypchat assessment burnt pancakes central idea Collaboration concepts discussion early learning edchat edtech education formative formative assessment guided inquiry ibpyp inquiry leadership mctighe murdoch planning provocation PYP reflection rubric socratic summative technology wiggins.

But after the Winterbreak we all cooled down and got a pretty good Docurmentary. I will spare you the step-by-step minutia and try to focus on the main events.

unit reflection who we are

How can we apply our new knowledge to other problems?