Top 10 doctor who episodes every witch

Every Doctor Who episode from 2005 to 2019 – ranked from worst to best

We've even covered off the fans' favourite Doctors and favourite series. Like a couple of entries here, it was an Agatha Christie-style tale, and again in space - a simple, solid story.

top 10 doctor who episodes every witch

While searching for it the Doctor meets up with a girl called Nancy who leads a group of children who eat dinners left standing during air raids. A shaken Doctor wonders if he has gone too far…. WWE Champions: This episode the only one to date to be written by Richard Curtis barely seems like part of the canon, so keen is its emphasis on human emotion odd for a sci-fi show and the restorative power of art.

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top 10 doctor who episodes every witch

On Earth chaos has broken out, and then the Daleks invade. Best of all is the villain of the piece, The Malus, who put the willies right up me as young boy.

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top 10 doctor who episodes every witch

Even if you don't buy into the argument that Martha's unrequited love story was more interesting than the Doctor and Rose's perfect romance, there's still no denying that series three offered up some top-quality Doctor Who.

The planet in question is hollow and has been materialising around other planets, mining their resources leaving tiny remains all in a bid to attain immortality. When he becomes intrigued by a figure in a Van Gogh painting, the Doctor takes Amy back in time to visit the tortured artist who is being plagued by an alien called a Krafayis.

All 11 series of Doctor Who, ranked - from 2005 to 2018

Bringing together three generations of the Doctor, we got to see Matt Smith and David Tennant act alongside each other, as well as the hitherto unseen War Doctor, played by John Hurt.

Perhaps no scenes in Doctor Who are as upsetting as the demise of his beloved Doctor - the regeneration, of course, but also the tragic rallying against his own imminent demise. It was a story, I should say, that utterly terrified me as a child and, if you can get over the performances, which, I have to admit, are gruesomely hilarious, and the production poor, at best then there's much to admire.

top 10 doctor who episodes every witch

Yes, they are bloody terrible. The story deals sensitively with mental illness and is framed by a psychological clarity that the series has rarely bettered. View the discussion thread. Its appearance in the TARDIS as an almost monkey-like being is unsettling, whilst its full appearance featuring a giant head may remind older readers of the arcade game Sinistar which also scared me as a youngster.

top 10 doctor who episodes every witch

Fun fact The Doctor refers to his parents Sydney and Verity.