Timelash doctor who bloopers 11th

Doctor Who: 25 stories that deserve more love

Cut to a close-up — and Rory is instantly holding the burgundy jacket in his arms. In the Series 8 episode "Flatline" we are introduced to the Boneless, which are 2-dimensional creatures who are unable to understand 3 dimensions.

The scene where a Nestene-controlled plastic wheelie bin eats Mickey in the very first episode of the reboot has already aged particularly poorly. Detractors of this William Hartnell outing often cite aliens The Monoids and invisible Refusians but any story that features the line "Take them to the security kitchen! It's quite obvious, but is also forgivable... In fact, it's probably the Doctor Who story I've watched the most over the years, never tiring of the multi-Doctor fun.

In all seriousness, the notion of the mad little tanks scheming around, luring The Doctor in to reboot their species or something like that reminds us how clever the Daleks can be. The otherwise-awesome effect in "Aliens of London" of the Slitheen ship smashing through Big Ben and crashing into the River Thames is undercut somewhat by having some very fake-looking CGI water running underneath Westminster Bridge.

timelash doctor who bloopers 11th

This could be gotten away with because the TV system used in the UK for black and white, was also much lower resolution than any system ever used for color. The Tom Baker Years.

timelash doctor who bloopers 11th

Unfortunately, it convinced him to try and boot the show off the air. The BBC even had to have special stools made for them. And once our heroes have convinced Bracewell to come up with a solution using Dalek technology, how in blazes do the "gravity bubbles" go from being a theoretical idea on a piece of paper in Bracewell's lab to actual working gizmos installed in Spitfires on an airfield several miles away in under ten minutes...?!?

After the Doc says "Hello, I'm the Doctor", we can clearly see a distinctive burgundy-coloured jacket on the ground behind Rory to his right our left. Note the distinctive patch of peeling paint on both the window ledge and the adjacent wall. Doctor Who.

timelash doctor who bloopers 11th

Often overlooked due its placing in the legendary "Season 13", where every story is a classic, and sandwiched between fan-favourites, Pyramids of Mars and The Brain of Morbius , this Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen four-parter has so much going for it, and very little against. This first shows up in "Genesis of the Daleks" with it being done to the entire image, and later is restricted to just the area the targeted character occupies.

During the same scene, when we look over Rory's shoulder as he's supposedly filming Prisoner Zero on his phone, his screen just shows a reflection of Arthur Darvill's own face! It's a solid tale and if you removed the frankly tedious Trial of a Time Lord moments from it, you'd be left with a cracking Who story with a damn threatening monster, The Vervoids.

The eye-mouth idea is quite effective thanks to the disturbingly lifelike way the actors manipulate the eyeball with their tongues and "blink" their lips, but the suits are ill-fitting one slightly overweight Monoid strains at his and interfere with the actors' movements, making them look lumbering and stupid.

timelash doctor who bloopers 11th

But it's that delightful chemistry of Tennant and Tate who make for the most emtertaining of comedy duos, kissing and deducing their way through this summer picnic of a Who story. Most shots we get are when the explosions start happening, none in progress or spreading out. The tie-in book A History of the Universe in 100 Objects , which mostly features in-universe items, contains an entry for "Sink Plunger c.

Steven Moffat says series 7 was "miserable". How could they have missed it??

timelash doctor who bloopers 11th

Dive bombers don't fly that low!