Rob howell theatre design ideas

How set and costume designer Rob Howell made 'Matilda the Musical' work

There are two things going on. Or that I did. We spend a lot of time working out the mood of the story. The Divide 30 Jan—10 Feb.

rob howell theatre design ideas

I have two teenage boys who literally accuse me, almost on a weekly basis, of not having a job. Everybody has a say and gets involved. Then Howell came up with the inspired concept of alphabet blocks, which strikingly capture how Matilda sees the world as both enchanting and puzzling. James Bordoni 18 May, 2018. Anybody can say that thing should be green and that one should stay red.

rob howell theatre design ideas

Costume and set design help transport audiences to another time and place, enhancing characterization and catalyzing the journey that will unfold onstage.

And I get to sit alongside people with galloping imaginations. Could I be a fashion designer? It was fully modelled. For me, the trick is never being afraid to have a rubbish idea.

Matilda The Musical: In Conversation with Rob Howell

It was quite quick after that. Comment Name Email Website. In Matilda the Musical , designer Rob Howell succeeds brilliantly on both counts by bringing alive the mind of a young girl. Next, we took all the actors there.

Setting the Stage for “MATILDA THE MUSICAL”

And her attention to detail would make me think about whether I did actually mean it or not. A model box exists on every show, to varying degrees. Some part of that is true. And if I had the resources, could I get involved in all of that?

rob howell theatre design ideas

Member Spotlight: And Sound Design, Lighting and Choreography will have their thoughts. And we meet in the middle somewhere. So if that means that this is a job, then yes I have a job. The skills of a set and costume designers are different. Looking back now, it seems like a really pedestrian idea — for the design to be simply school desks , popping up from the floor or flying through the air — but at the time, of course, I thought I was brilliant.

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