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He has been known to keep them daggered for quite a long time before waking them up from their slumber. While trying to rebuild their lives in New Orleans they face old, and new, foes who are trying to bring their downfall once and for all.

Hope is very powerful from the moment that she is born. The Vampire Diaries told the story of a girl who was thrust into a supernatural world. Klaus is very overprotective when it comes to his family, that is clear to anyone who has tuned in for just a few episodes of the show. They are one of the most powerful duos in the entire series with their combined abilities.

In all actuality, this storyline made no sense at all, but it added a bit more flair to the series knowing that Marcel had the power and drive to take out the entire original family if he felt like it.

Sophie Devereaux is one of the first New Orleans witches to be introduced in the series.

She is also very angry at her father because she feels abandoned by him. Going along with The Originals main storyline, he should have lost his connection to the ancestors along with his powers but neither of these things happened.

Hayley is eventually able to bring the entire family back together, but they make peace with Marcel and agree to leave New Orleans for good...

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Her father is Klaus, the original hybrid and her mother is a pretty powerful hybrid herself. Katherine from The Vampire Diaries was taking vervain for over a century, yet when she ingested it she was still burned.

Kol was very happy when his mother brought him back to life in the body of a witch because he loved to perform magic. This is one of the shows more farfetched story lines by far. At one point in the beginning of the season Freya states that Hope is fifteen years old but she is only supposed to be fourteen years old. The welcome sign to Mystic Falls is seen a lot in The Vampire Diaries and at one point in the show as far as any supernatural being can go. At one point in the show, the "original family" was introduced when they came to Mystic Falls to wreck some havoc on the residents.

Their mother turned them into vampires a very, very long time ago because she was scared of losing another child. When the fourth season leaves off Hope is just a little seven year old girl who wants to live a normal life and likes to color and paint.