Pap 4 what is data

Bio/Data PAP-4 Platelet Lid Aggregation Profiler Blood Hematology

Print a copy of your final submission. Fig 2: Sub-surface sediment trap mooring Hosting: In addition, glider campaigns are planned for the PAP site during 2012 — 2014. It is probably best to complete data entry into the online survey in one sitting.

pap 4 what is data

The survey is also attracting wider attention from experts in the field who have an interest in determining the burden of disease for STIs in college populations. Causes and trends. Sustained Ocean. Deep-Sea Research II 57 15 , 1303-1312 2010.

pap 4 what is data

Results from the survey are below, as well as the survey itself for your reference. Events See all No events.

PAP Service Activities

National Oceanography Centre Southampton Email: Ruhl, H. New production can be calculated from the average monthly drawdown of nitrate. This function depends on how long cookies are stored on your PC.

pap 4 what is data

Partial results from the survey are below. Temperature, Salinity oxygen, nutrients and chlorophyll could all be used to assess the trends in the timing and quantity of open ocean productivity.

pap 4 what is data

We encourage you to print out a copy of the survey before completing it online to assist you in your data preparation and collection. Communication with surface via acoustic modem is planned during FixO3.

Profiler Paper (PAP-4)

Autonomous installations offering year-round measurements began in 1989 including a sub-surface sediment trap mooring and a Bathysnap time-lapse camera system. Figure 2. For example, even though you may not have complete Pap test data, you should still enter your STI data, even if those are the only questions you can answer. PAP-SO data from 2003-2005 blue circles and 2010-2012 red diamonds for calculations of weekly sea-to-air carbon dioxide flux negative: The calendar year 2014 survey was conducted entirely online and elicited 152 responses.

Observatory Types of Observatory: The 2010—2012 period shows an overall increase in carbon dioxide values when compared to the 2003—2005 period as would be expected from increases due to anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions.

pap 4 what is data

Preliminary carbon dioxide flux calculations from 2013 calculated using in situ carbon dioxide and wind speed measurements, with atmospheric carbon dioxide from Mace Head. There is a year-to-year variability in the timing of deep winter mixing at the PAP-SO calculated from in situ temperature and salinity and the intensity of the spring bloom shown by chlorophyll measurements.