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Mistrz Twardowski [Mr. Fortunately he managed to kill the crocodile, and with the help of a Phoenician slave Lauratas, he escaped. Czerwony Kapturek [King Midas. Efeb z Eleuzyny. At the beginning of the 1st century a. A Story for Young Peo- ple]. While spying the terrain, he meets his old enemy from another kingdom who also is seeking an opportunity to take over the island.

Myth about Midas is told in a very concise way and shows the conse- quences of excessive greed and conceit. Due to the storm, Kacper is so badly scared that he faints. He uses the extinguished lightning to save Venus from two snakes crawling towards her. Dying Gaul or paintings e.

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Kurs poszerzony, Warszawa: For the presentation of the Project, see also: Astonished by that thesis Kacper walks through the surroundings and meets another philosopher, Heraclitus of Ephesus who comes in and out of a river.

She collaborated also with the Polish Radio. Expressions e. The Mediterranean basin during the last years of reign of the pharaoh Apries ca.

They fall in love and marry. Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne, 2001, p. Adam comes into possession of two magic keys and he discovers his special mission — he must free the prisoners of the Lord of the World.