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Repression and outbursts of anti-Semitism caused the population to fluctuate, and a large-scale exodus took place in the late 1870s with the in- troduction of punitive taxation and other harsh measures. At a panel discussion which fol lowed the presentations by I'incus and Leavitt, executives of the three recipient agencies of UJA funds offered further details of their organizations' activities and future needs. Nightly en tertainment...

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Dov Iperetz Elkins, who combines his Itraining as a rabbi with advanced [studies in counseling and [humanistic education; Dr. Guests at the luncheon nine PTA p:..... Rob- more than 130 m,. Paul II.

In a number of other cases, he killed inmates who could not march fast enough. This was no easy task, since the great majority of Jewish immigrants who came to this country in the early years of this century were everything but Zionists. Dedicatory Tablets, Original Sculpture, Etc. ONCE THE dispute over the advisability or quixotic nature of the great rescue attempt began to subside, a new hostage episode burst upon the front pages of our newspapers. The Cardiology Dressing Room and cardiograph equipment have also been ear-marked for en- dowment, according to Sapiro.

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The question i- whether ihe OAS. See and fed these towels, you'll offe good thru aucust 2. Jews move freely in all walks of life, in all professions, in culture as well as commerce, industry and government, in real estate and construction, tourism and the military. Memorial services for Danielpour were held in other major cities across the United States.

The delegate? UJA nation- al chairman, who presided at an- other session, declared that the increased immigration of Jews to Israel and other lands, "could be regarded as a stroke of good for- tune All of us wish to see it con- tinue, which means that we must devise the most effective means of financing, this histroic under- taking. We see fhem every day as they save for a new home or car, for a trip, for their children or grandchildren.

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The new State was deluged with crisis: On one election eve. Named were Jack A. In it it combines: So much tastier and easier than the frozen kind. Vickie-Ellen Mrs. Edward Caller, and Mr. Sinai Hospital, and the Miami Section of the National Council of Jewish Women as the groups which "have been the core 1 of services coordinated through the 'Greater Miami Jewish Federation in assisting in the adjustment and ' integration of Cuban Jewish refu- gees within the limits of Dacle.