Iphone screen timeout when charging

Auto-Lock is an easy feature to change in Settings. I personally rather just manually switch it on and off, until apple decides to have some kind of NFC. That's one I hadn't found in my searches yet.

(2018) How to Change Auto Lock Time on iPhone & iPad (& Fix "iPhone Keeps Locking" Bug)

Anyway, I can think of two solutions: Posted on Nov 4, 2017 8: How to wirelessly charge your iPhone 8 or later. You can easily change Auto-Lock in Settings whenever you need to.

iphone screen timeout when charging

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iphone screen timeout when charging

Apple buys their OLED panels from Samsung which are made to Apple's specification - for better or worse will be determined after the iPhone X has been 'in the wild' for a month or two - as it's Apple specs, I'm leaning to the better side. I don't know if its been optimized for iOS 11, but if it's still available in the app store, it would work on an iPhone X https: It should be just around the corner , if not with NFC, then with iBeacon.

If you don't want to have music playing you can download a track that's just silence, then put it on repeat.

iphone screen timeout when charging

Is there an always-on-display while charging the iPhone X? View the discussion thread. Nov 5, 2017 7: MisterEd MisterEd 161 4. Table of Contents: I've made note of it and will check it out further after I actually get my phone.

iphone screen timeout when charging

Related 1. Thanks, I was hoping for something that automatically changed from say 30 to Always depending on the phone being charged or not. Related Article How to wirelessly charge your iPhone 8 or later.

How to change the screen timeout duration on my Apple iPhone 6 Plus

That's one reason I use user forums like this one to ask other users what their experience has been and if they have any recommendations. I'm will be coming from the Android OS and it provides for a 'Screen Saver' that can be set to keep the screen on while the phone is charging. I think it didn't let me?

iphone screen timeout when charging

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