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He feels that same kind of smoldering burn around Rosita. It comes from his very soul. From the opening chapter when a young Weldon Holland confronts Bonnie and Clyde on his grandfather's property there is an underlying tone of menace. From prep to bottle and every step in between, learn how Yellow Rose Whiskey comes to be.

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He understands love, betrayal, grief, weakness, honor, and has a highly developed sense of how a man or woman should conduct themselves. Sep 03, 2014 Joe rated it did not like it. It is richly narrated, without poetic self-consciousness except, perhaps during the more passionate romantic entanglements. Except for the 2 hours I spent at my book club which I almost missed so I could continue reading , I read this one straight through.

Soon someone was out to destroy Weldon and would use any means available to do so.

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I don't even like Weldon Holland, and he is supposed to be the hero! Burke is such a goddamn badass. To meet him in person is like meeting a character from one of his books. Weldon is immediately besotted with Rosita, who is a firebrand more interested in changing the world than settling down, yet Weldon pursues her again once the two are separated. Ok, if I were to find a flaw it would be that the denouement is a little too neat, a bit too contrived.

Weldon returns from the war with his beautiful wife and almost immediately becomes a success in partnership with his old soldier buddy Herschel Pine who married Linda Gail, his childhood sweetheart, a beautiful young woman who would nearly destroy him who has developed a revolutionary new pipeline welding technique based on Nazi technology.

I first met Weldon Holland as a child living in Texas with his grandfather. James Lee Burke is one of my favorite authors of all-time. He is truly as great a writer that all those reviewers claimed.

I wanted to be an anthropologist, but I became a pipeline contractor and a rich man through the use of machines that made the tanks that tried to kill me. His writing style is one of the most poetic and evocative I've ever seen; no one can set a scene or describe a person quite like Burke. View all 21 comments.