Howard stern college radio day

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Most interviews ended amicably, but you often had the sense that Mr. At the time, Mr.

howard stern college radio day

Which is a shame. The irony did not elude him. Five years later, the book was turned into a successful movie starring Stern himself.

What Howard Stern's New Contract Can Tell Us About the Future of Sirius XM Holdings

Don't be stupid, you moron. But for investors in the company stock, the announcement also delivered a bit of intrigue — and perhaps a glimpse of what we can expect from the company in the years to come. Stern explained to her: Fool contributor John-Erik Koslosky has been picking his own stocks since the market crashed in 2008. To the surprise of radio executives but not hard-core fans, Stern, seated in the station's morning slot, knocked off WNBC's Don Imus to claim the ratings mantle.

Howard dominated his high school years by staying close with a few buddies, playing poker and ping-pong. But Sirius — now SiriusXM, after merging with its biggest rival — currently has 30 million subscribers.

howard stern college radio day

Howard Nemerov was a U. This is especially true in Los Angeles, where meetings have been known to be delayed because people are sitting in the parking lot, waiting for the last question. How to Invest.

howard stern college radio day

Prank phone calls remain a staple. As a result of Stern's comments, a disorderly arrest warrant was issued against Stern by the justice of the peace in Harlingen, Texas.

A 'virtual world' for fans Neither Sirius or Stern have spoken in detail about what the video or interactive components will involve.

Stern's Most Shocking Moments!

In a nutshell, the new contract will keep Stern's live radio show on Sirius for another five years. When the Michigan station changed its format to country and western, Stern fled to Washington, D.

howard stern college radio day

His first wife, Alison, whom he divorced in 2001, has praised him as a father and, even today, Stern is more than happy to stay home and play chess rather than hit the clubs or socialize with other entertainment superstars. Stern, though, is a lesson in contrasts. But it hasn't all be smooth sailing for the shock jock and the satellite radio giant.