How to wear blue eye pencil

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Latest posts by Dr. Then work your way to your middle and inner fringe. If you're a blue first-timer, try a pencil in sapphire, like the Rimmel London Exaggerate Smoke N' Shine Eyeliner in Blue Steel used here; it's more vibrant than navy but still a baby step away from black.

Take It to Work: 3 Ways to Pull Off Bright Eyeliner at the Office

Conceal the under eye area if required. Then created the flick at the outer corner of the eye to elongate the eyes. Whether you want to soft-pedal it with amped-up, sapphire slashes or go full-throttle with a modern, rounded wing in edgy cobalt, here's how to hit the perfect blue note like a girlboss.

how to wear blue eye pencil

If you are somewhat in a dilemma about whether blues would suit you or not, or if you think they would look a bit more attention grabbing than you would want for yourself, then you are probably reading the right space. This look is slightly more dramatic and really makes eyes stand out.

Apply that on the outer corner of the lower lash line in continuity with the blue eyeliner extending towards the inner side.

how to wear blue eye pencil

A simple look that can be worn everyday as it doesn't make too much of an impact, but still noticeable enough to attract lots of compliments! The following two tabs change content below. Here is a method to apply blue eyeliner which would make them look less stark and still look appealing on your eyes.

how to wear blue eye pencil

Brand Story Interview Luxe Botanics. Starting from the inner corner, follow the lash liner gradually getting thicker towards the outer corner. Once your wings are in place, give them extra lift with voluminous lashes. The desired look is achieved with this step being the last one.

How To Apply Blue Eyeliner?

The formula is exactly the same as their original liquid liners, which come in a wide variety of colours. Work in a field where big, new ideas are everything? This is just another shape to work with—it's rounded, a departure from the traditional," Najor says.

how to wear blue eye pencil

Create a dash mark from the corner of your eye where your top and bottom lids meet going toward your temple, add a line on the top lid that connects to the dash, and finish by drawing a line from your lower lid to the outer tip of the dash.