How to use t post wire clips

This is hopefully what you end up with.

Fence Pro T-Post Clip Tool

This not only doubles the life of the tool, but makes it much easier to maneuver around and through the numerous obstacles encountered when wrapping t-post clips. Arched Cabin Experience - Summary.

how to use t post wire clips

Barb wire fence - cattle panel - welded wire fence - field fence - can all be built faster and easier, without the hand strain or pain caused by tightly gripping, turning and repositioning pliers. No pressure or squeezing is involved.

how to use t post wire clips

Very little grip is needed, therefore hand strain and pain are eliminated, making this tool a pleasure to use for those with arthritic hands like mine. The result is tighter, faster wraps.

how to use t post wire clips

To contact us visit our Contact Page. Read more Customer Comments. I would recommend this tool to anyone.

Rotate the fencing pliers to bend the clip. Thank you for your support. This might be called attached; good enough.

Attaching T-post Clips with Fencing Pliers and The Clip Bender

But since we have The Clip Bender, we continue. GREAT invention!

how to use t post wire clips

Goat Fence: Horse Fence: Due to the composition of the metal you'll find that the hole reams out with very little pressure so the tool doesn't slip around as you'd expect. I was disappointed by what I found while searching to buy a tool to ease my fence-building chores.

At this point most people settle for simply hooking the short end of the clip on the wire and securing the long end with a single wrap on the other side of the post.

how to use t post wire clips