How to use a bates numbering machine

how to use a bates numbering machine

Key-set Numbering Machines: Number 200 pages in 5 minutes Bates numbering. Item pictured is the one you will receive. Consecutive Number Labels: Wheels 6 Style E Works great!

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The character appearance, or font type of the characters stamped. Once it fits properly, apply rubber stamp ink liberally. Shows signs age, use and handling wear. Thanks to any and all for help.

Bates Numbering Machine

Custom or Stock Alphabet wheels can be custom installed on most of our numbering machines. Local pickup is not available. LION ink is developed especially for numbering machines so they are compatible with metal wheel machines. As long as you still have the carrier you just buy any make of insert that has similar dimensions and drop it into the carrier. Number will repeat until lever is depressed.

how to use a bates numbering machine

Index numbers on the movement indicator plate represent: Very interesting Bates numbering machine, 5 wheels, style E. Numbering Machine Style: You will need to add ink to the integral stamp pad before use.

how to use a bates numbering machine

What is a Numbering Machine or Bates Stamp? Numbering Machines Instructions.

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Condition is Used. Thumb-Key Lever Numbering Machines: The Speed-i-Jet 798 is a portable hand held ink jet printer that can be taken to any work area to print up to 40 characters of information of your choice.

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To set your numbering machine to the desired movement, lift up the movement indicator plate and slide the indicator clip to the desired movement setting. Self-inking by pre-inked foam pad.

Each wheel is rapidly set by its own lever. Has some wear seen in the photos. Feb-26 03: Metal wheels - thumb key and stylo setting models - self-inking bates machine numbering.

how to use a bates numbering machine

Instruction on box.