How to stop line spinning reel

With all three of these reel types, the key to proper spooling is watching how the line comes off both sides of the supply spool.

How to Prevent or Remove Fishing Line Twist

The difference between a three-dollar 900-yd spool of no-name fishing line and a six-dollar 300-yd spool is night and day when it comes to casting, line management, line twist, and tangles. I was lucky, very lucky. For higher tension loads, such as flashers and dodges or large spinning bait rigs, select either ball bearing swivels or swivel chains.

Pre-condition Your Fishing Line. Of course they do, I reply, but, and there always is a but, they will only swivel under the right conditions.

how to stop line spinning reel

While applying slight pinch pressure to the fishing line around the first eyelet, and holding the fishing rod between your legs, slowly being to reel in line with your free hand.

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Ike: How to avoid line twist with spinning tackle

Swivel Problems Swivel Too Big Your swivel wire diameter should be about the same as main line on the the reel.

Unlike baitcasting reels, spinning reels are for lighter line and downsized baits.

how to stop line spinning reel

There can be multiple instances of these twist loops. Get familiar with your reel before you go out. One more question, do you think line conditioner, like Reel Snot, is useful? I'll wind on a few maybe 10 or so spins, then stop and see if the new line is trying to tie itself in knots.

6 Tips to Prevent Line Twist on a Spinning Reel

Snagged Debris Check your lure for debris after every cast — Weeds, bark or other debris caught on your lure will cause your lure to stop running properly and start to spin widely. Well there really is no way around the problem, other than to run lures that all have a similar trolling speed. I've heard both opinions, which is right? However, there are plenty of lures which are designed to NOT twist.

how to stop line spinning reel

Place the supply spool on the floor or any flat surface. This is used to provide data on traffic to our website, all personally identifyable data is anonymized.

how to stop line spinning reel

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If done properly, this will load the line onto your reel with the same natural curvature. The exception is side cast reels such as the Australian Alvey or South African Night Hawk where line should be taken of the spool sideways because they cast with the spool 90 degrees from the retrieve.

If the line seems to tangle up, twist, or form loops, you're spooling line on 180 degrees from its natural bend and must turn the spool over maybe wait on the nail until this step.