How to regrow lettuce from scraps

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How to Regrow Romaine Lettuce from the Stem

And calling someone that is unhelpful. Click To Tweet. My cats love to drink the water and actually learned how to open the lid very noisily by themselves.

Keep it short and trimmed and you will continuously get fresh leaves. It is mostly made of water anyhow. And you can grow it indoors, too.

Stop buying lettuce Here’s how you can regrow your own lettuce right at home!

Thank you for sharing! Thank you!!! A little old, but I just started doing this recently in an aquaponic tank.

how to regrow lettuce from scraps

I have plants that have been growing in our water here in NJ for years! Where are the nutrients coming from in this method?

how to regrow lettuce from scraps

Stick in water, change water every few days and see what happens. Anyone have any suggestions on how long i should keep them in the water before i move them to soil.

how to regrow lettuce from scraps

Worth a try though. My family spend a small fortune on buying lettuce because we all seem to eat so much of it, like rabbits, but so little of the lettuce feels useable.

We wanted to know if it was true. How long does it take to see results when you first do it? It takes from a year to a year and a half to mature.

How to Regrow Lettuce

If you live in the tropics you can grow the best tasting pineapples you ever had. Until recently, so did I! Should you wash fresh fruit in vinegar?