How to read chinese in internet explorer

Internet of Things. It is greyed out. Do you mean in the address bar?

how to read chinese in internet explorer

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Receiving Chinese Characters in particular web site using Internet Explorer 10

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Gregor Dzierzon. What's new New posts Latest activity. Can somebody help me troubleshoot my PDA so that I can have Pleco as well as an internet explorer that still displays chinese fonts. Related 118.

Read chinese on internet explorer

As Remy says though, it's dangerous to assume it's UTF-8 rather than any other character encoding. She is able to select 'Western European, but nothing happens. I can list steps in firefox and opera In firefox go to menu View then Character enecodings then the language the page should be viewed.

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How can I get IE 8 to display Chinese characters?

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how to read chinese in internet explorer

Can she possibly choose 'Western European Windows '? I will provide a screen shot chineselanguage-screen.

how to read chinese in internet explorer

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how to read chinese in internet explorer

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