How to preserve live blue crabs

I caught 8 crabs Saturday all day long got ice for cooler for 2. If it is an adult, you should feed them fish, worms, plants.

how to preserve live blue crabs

I was told to just place them in freezer right away and they will be ok to cook two days later. Steam them in the morning and resteam them for a short period of time to heat them back up for the party.

If you have live Dungeness Crabs , it's best to either... Each year, more than one and a half million crabs are cooked.

how to preserve live blue crabs

If you are storing live blue crabs in the water, you will need to feed them. We have had great success freezing raw Dungeness crab LEGS by clean the crab first while they are live and being certain to treat these raw crab legs as we would any fresh sea food.

I would like to refreeze my crab. Blue crabs breathe using gills, just like any other fish.

Freezing Blue Crab without cleaning or cooking first.

I've done this for years, but I have no idea why. Let me explain. Do not put them in a sealed container or a cooler with the lid shut. A temperature cooler than 50 degrees Fahrenheit will kill the crabs. Any temperatures colder than that can kill the crabs. We totally promote cleaning and cooking crab before freezing them as a good rule of thumb for safety for consumption. I bought some live Dungeness crab a few days ago and had them clean and then put in the freezer right away without precooking them.

Wondering if I can freeze them now or can wait till morning.

How to Keep Blue Crabs Alive

Now, you have learned all about keeping them alive. If you do, your chances of getting sick will be sky-high. Crabs need to be refrigerated well below the 40 degree range temperature and into the lower 30's, just above freezing points. My problem is that in the time between catching them and transporting them I ice them, sort the different sizes and types, and then crate them , I lose a lot of crabs.

How to keep Crabs Alive: 3 Quick Proven Tips

Try to keep them in one spot for as long as you can. Piling blue crabs on top of each other will also cause undue stress.

how to preserve live blue crabs

Further information on the process for doing so can be found elsewhere on the web site. Then we'll emerge them in cold water to cool them down, drain and dry them out on a towel as in above picture , and then package and freeze them. We're lazy!