How to play cavemania

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Cavemania Review

Screenshots iPhone iPad. When you start out almost all of the field is covered in Gas. Prize Boxes contain valuable items such as extra turns or even more gold. These initial foes will drop very valuable food, wood, and stone, which you can subsequently use to recruit new Warriors and Archers. This heightens the overall strategy of the game to exciting new levels: In later boards villagers, warriors, healers and various other characters make an appearance.

A huge stinking mess without a clear direction—at least that's what I imagined when I was told about Cavemania.

Tips & Tricks

Cornucopia will speed up this process. New Collect All consumable supercharges your gathering. Mammoths, prehistoric rats, dinosaurs and various other primeval beasties are scattered on the map, trying to kill all the cave people on the board as well as destroy all their buildings.

You can buy gold or power-ups or Perks with real money to speed up your in-game progress. Polysphere Tips, Cheats and Strategies. Like Gamezebo on Facebook.

how to play cavemania

Size 147. Like the Chief, they take up one space on the board and can move one square in any direction.

how to play cavemania

After taking my time with the game, I have to say, I'm impressed. The Best Match 3. Once you unlock the first tribe member slot, select the Warrior. Episode 7 now available! We are working to restore service.

how to play cavemania

And as a very pleasant side effect you support the developer, which might mean extra episodes , upgrades , gear, etc: This can be the Warrior , or the Archer if you have already unlocked it. To be able to buy all Upgrades for your tribe members you need lots of gold. This level starts you off with lots of turns, has a postponable goal, and unlike most other levels there are not one but two commodities in this level that give you gold when matched.

You can also make match-5s with different commodities that yield the same resource. When there is nothing good left to harvest in your last turn, use the last of your Power Crystals to harvest the Gas that you have surrounded with Villagers to end the level. You can contact him FatAsianTechie gmail. Platformer Puzzle. This is good, but don't overdo it by getting rid of all the Ice.