How to negative camber your wheels suck

how to negative camber your wheels suck

Jul 7, 2016 13. Here [right] we have a tire that was lowered aggressively and the car was not aligned and has a raw toe setting.

The camber kit only marginally helped improve tire life.

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Bridgestone Potenza S007A December 19, 2018. Look how aggressively the tire has worn on the inside edge, so much so that the cords are even showing.

how to negative camber your wheels suck

Jul 2005 Location: I also run on air, here is a pic of it slammed... Jul 7, 2016 33.

how to negative camber your wheels suck

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how to negative camber your wheels suck

Last edited by Acery , Jul 7, 2016. Search titles only Posted by Member: Nov 2005 Location: The first way is putting narrower tyres on the stock wheels. As a double-wishbone suspension is loaded, the camber angle becomes more negative tilting into the turn and effectively pulling the tire back under the wheel through the turn.

what is the reasoning behind doing this to your wheels on a car?

When a double-wishbone suspended car such as the '88-'00 Civics, '90-'01 Integras, Accords or TSXs, the camber angle always increases in a negative direction whenever the suspension moves up. Saw one like that on the side of the beltway one day. In a car that is driven aggressively onramp bombers, we're talking to you one would actually notice outer tire wear and reduced traction if camber were at the zero setting.

how to negative camber your wheels suck

When the tires wear down to these wear-bars, you know it is time to replace the tires. Jul 7, 2016 26.

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The wheels really flop over on those tanks! Acery , Jul 7, 2016. You may notice caster to be more exaggerated on European cars.