How to linearize a logistic function equation

If you want, I can send the routines to you. The fitting method in the math library right now linearizes the equation and it doesn't give a very good fit at all so I am trying to replace it. Hot Network Questions. Having these estimates, you must start a nonlinear regression to get the final values of the parameters.

Compression of firing times for SRM 0 neurons 7. Message 3 Posted by Dieter on 11 Nov 2011, 4: And, not all equations can be linearized.

Logistic Growth Model - Fitting a Logistic Model to Data, I

The first term on the right-hand side of Eq. We will see why the dynamics of A t has a contribution proportional to the derivative of the input potential. Use least squares fitting to get the curve of best fit see here.

how to linearize a logistic function equation

Sign up using Email and Password. For low noise, it is significantly sharper than for high noise. The second term gives an additional contribution which is proportional to the derivative of a filtered version of the potential h.

how to linearize a logistic function equation

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The value of the bias current I 0 has been adjusted so that the mean interval is always 40ms. S 0 s is the survivor function in the asynchronous state and a normalized Gaussian with width. Primes denote derivatives with respect to the argument.

how to linearize a logistic function equation

Plot these ratios against the corresponding function values.