How to disassemble a 45 pistol

how to disassemble a 45 pistol

This traps the spring assembly and the recoil spring. Use your old tooth brush to scrub along the rails. Here are step-by-step instructions to field strip your 1911 platform pistol. Canned air, like the type you use to clean your computer keyboard, helps evict any lingering solvent and dissolved gunk. Switch to a dry, clean patch and run that through the bore and the chamber.

Disassembly and assembly of caliber .45

Turn the magazine up side down and the follower will fall free. Some of those design changes involve the recoil assembly.

how to disassemble a 45 pistol

If the patch gets dirty, change it so it picks up the crud. If your pistol uses a full length guide rod and bull barrel like the Rock Island TAC and some other bull barrel 1911s it does not use a barrel bushing. You can use a patch or plastic dental style picks to clean out crevices.

Since I know the importance, but hate the drudgery I think of cleaning a 1911 as a meditative experience. To clean the magazine, run a swab or patch saturated in CLP around the feed lips and inside and out side of the magazine body.

You should be able to easily remove the spring.

1911 Disassembly and Deep Clean

While you align the slide stop and the notch in the slide, use your finger to push the slide stop out from the other side of the pistol. The idiot scratch.

how to disassemble a 45 pistol

Skip to main content. This next step applies to all types of 1911s. A tool is typical need to trap the recoil spring.

Caliber .45 Disassembly/assembly instructions

For a GI-style pistols, remove the recoil spring and recoil spring guide rearward through the back of the slide. For the Rock Island TAC and other bull barrel guns, the slide is removed before tension is release from the recoil spring. Look at some used 1911s and you will more than likely see an idiot scratch.

how to disassemble a 45 pistol

Use a cleaning rod to run a patch saturated in gun cleaning solvent and run the patch through the bore of the barrel several times or spray it with a CLP. If you have trouble keeping the slide from moving, you can engage the manual safety to keep it still. Insert the unloaded magazine and rack the slide.