How to delete page file partitioning

How big a partition do i need for my page file Windows 7 64bit I want to make a separate partition for my page file, as it will be faster for my system to find and read, and it makes a lot of fragmentation on the drive it is located on...

Can I delete pagefile under D: drive?

If you have low memory less than 256mb and turn off or remove your pagefiles or virtual memory, it will be a disaster for your windows and you might feel latency and struggle for multatasking on your windows. Putting the Page File on a second partition is not a good idea, and can hurt your performance.

how to delete page file partitioning

Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. So even if you set "No pagefile" on your system drive, Windows will end up creating a pagefile anyway, even if it doesn't actually use it for paging.

Solved – Cannot Delete The Active System Partition on This Disk in Windows 7

The option to delete the D drive is greyed out. Find More Posts by nhgl. Replied on February 12, 2014.

how to delete page file partitioning

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how to delete page file partitioning

This could vary, but Windows will tell you if you set it under the recommended size. Please don't post philosophical discussions on speed increases or why its a bad idea to disable paging. If you have enough RAM, the penalty for moving the page file to a second partition may be slight, since you won't use the page file much, but it won't help you.

Rich Paul Rich Paul 21 1. For example: Yes it is but I wouldn't recommend it.

how to delete page file partitioning

Site Feedback. Trying to delete this pagefile will show it to be in use. The pagefile on D: I'm looking for a concise answer on how to move the page file. Thanks, to everyone very much for any suggestions. Do you have any suggestions? Can someone help me to do a complete deletion?