How to clean vinyl records safely

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how to clean vinyl records safely

Posted 2 weeks ago — By Georgina Torbet. After years of playing vinyl you get used to handling a record properly and it takes no extra time. Lightly apply the leading edge of the pad to the record and wipe the record in concentric arcs with the grooves, not across.

how to clean vinyl records safely

They can often attack the vinyl itself or, at the very least, block your grooves with more rubbish than they remove. This is an attachment that sits above the record and gently applies a small cleaning brush to the rotating record. Rule number one is to avoid touching the grooved surface with your fingers, as it contains oil and dirt that is damaging to the vinyl. Ultrasonic cleaning has long been popular in the jewelry industry.

How To Clean Vinyl Records

To cut a long story short instead of cleaning the record they do remove a small part of the superficial dust but the rest is being pushed deeper in the grooves and when they dry up they make a dirt film that in most cases can been seen on the needle when playing the record. Here are three great types of stylus cleaners to consider:. Place the brush gently down on top of the record.

how to clean vinyl records safely

How does the record get dirty? Posted 15 hours ago — By Jenifer Calle.

How to Clean Vinyl Records The Easy Way

Look for a brush that is made specifically for cleaning records. Keep your records dry. The only ingredients necessary are wood glue and a tool to spread it around on a record, such as a piece of card stock.

how to clean vinyl records safely

You can find these at most audio or music stores. The archivists at The Library of Congress use a combination of a mild surfactant called Tergitol with deionized water.

8 easy and affordable ways to clean your vinyl records by hand

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how to clean vinyl records safely