How many square feet is 18x18 tile

Rob S has the only correct answer. Just divide the total area by the area of each tile.

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In real life, though, you need to allow for breakages and wastage. Wouldn't hurt to buy 150 just in case.

how many square feet is 18x18 tile

Note that tile is sold per square foot, not by the piece. That is the mathemati … cally correct answer.

How Much Square Feet Of Tile Is 18x18?

A 753 square feet home, how much tile will it need? There are many different patterns used when installing tiles. Your 1 st 2 answers are wrong or partly wrong. Either enter a positive value to if there is a gap between the tiles being used, or a negative value if the tiles overlap. Although it is typically more difficult to have small gaps between tiles due to lack of a uniform shape and size, the use of rectified tiles tiles that undergo additional processing to ensure that they are uniform can allow for smaller spacing, though at an additional cost.

The recommended amount that you should have for this job would probably be 40 to … 45 to consider that problems may occur during installation. How much does it cost to decorate an ideal home? Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more.

How many tiles will you need?

Designed by Free Website Templates. Is a 6 lightbulb ceiling light design more expensive than a single light bulb shade? That would be up to the individual. Herringbones involve aligning tiles in angled patterns, usually 45 or 90 degrees. How many 18x18 tiles equal 170 square feet? Measure the length and the width of the space to be tiled.


To calculate the square footage of an area 18 x 18, you simply multiply 18 by 18, which is 18 2 or when expanded and solved is 324. Your house is 1300 square feet you are purchasing tiles that are 18 x 18 How many tiles do you need to buy? We would advise rounding up, so in this case it would be 134 pieces. In addition, you will have some extra tile left over for any repairs that may need to be made later on down the road.

how many square feet is 18x18 tile

How many 18 x 18 tiles do you need to cover 240 square feet? Share to: Choose a video to embed.

how many square feet is 18x18 tile

My kitchen is 15x11 and I am buying 18x18 tiles I need to know how many to buy.