How do you tarnish metal

Your paint color will vary depending upon the finish you want to achieve. Put on a clean pair of gloves before handling the washed silver to prevent the oil on your fingers from transferring to the piece.

Wait for the coat of paint to dry.

how do you tarnish metal

If you want a bronzed look, buy matte acrylic burnt and raw umber paints. Dip your sponge brush in water to soften the bristles. If you prefer copper with a blue-green complexion, swap the rapid fixer for a solution of equal parts vinegar and salt.

how do you tarnish metal

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How To: Age Metal

Really good silver will tarnish beautifully; as the years pass, the patina will only improve. Co-Authored By:. This should be for display only as using it to eat or drink with wouldn't be suggested. Put them somewhere to put them to cool off and let the rain do its work; ideally somewhere to give them time to rust over the winter.

Tin Can Lanterns.

how do you tarnish metal

Wipe down the metal with mineral spirits or vinegar to clean the surface. The addition of a few beads makes all the difference to the finished project.

You want to create the look of an uneven patina. Then use low-grit sandpaper or a light coat of acid apply and wipe off to remove the shine. I am still looking for a good way to tarnish. To learn how to age metal using paint, keep reading! I have read and accept the privacy policy.

How To Tarnish Steel

Once you finish making the craft you can lightly rub it with some kind of oil to give it the ability to withstand wear. Find an out of the way area to store your metal overnight.

Thanks for letting us know. Spray the object with lacquer or wax. Wear safety glasses, gloves, and a long-sleeved shirt. Share yours! Using the claw end of a hammer, ding random locations on the cast iron until you have achieved a rugged, uneven pattern.

how do you tarnish metal