How do you spell reprimanded

Historical Examples of reprimand He frequently spoke in verse when he wished to reprimand an artiste. Share reprimand. In a clip from the season, Berman reprimands Stodden: Words that rhyme with reprimand Thesaurus: Upbraid suggests relatively severe criticism, but of a less formal sort: Admonish refers to a more gentle warning or expression of disapproval, often including suggestions for improvement: His brothers incur all kinds of reprimands , and under them he also suffers much.

He might, or might not, have been pleased had he heard the reprimanding of Furneaux. Too Close for Comfort: File No.

how do you spell reprimanded

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how do you spell reprimanded

The Long Roll Mary Johnston. Words that rhyme with reprimand.


Test Your Vocabulary. She was contented with reprimanding him severely, and ordering him from her presence.

Prohack E. Translation of reprimand Nglish: How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. Diary from November 12, 1862, to October 18, 1863 Adam Gurowski.

Reprimanding him might yield horrible press for the Army, making our longest war even less popular than it is today. The minister upbraided the parishioners for their poor church attendance.

how do you spell reprimanded

Ecce Homo! His new manner showed that his eyes had been reprimanding his tongue. Reprimanded ; reprimanding. Now the memory of the reprimand was a strong spur to endeavour.

He was careless of his duty, and equally careless to the reprimands that followed. Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram. All synonyms and antonyms for reprimand Spanish Central:

how do you spell reprimanded