How did clone commander cody die

how did clone commander cody die

A Message For Everyone: During the war, Cody and several other clones accompanied Adi Gallia and Kenobi on a mission to the planet Bray after the native Brayans asked the Jedi Order for help. Despite being outnumbered, Quinlan managed to turn the table on his captors by tricking Desh into approaching him and then stealing his lightsaber.

how did clone commander cody die

They aren't. Prince of Darkness!

Once finished, remove this notice. Aug 15, 2011. Ken Obi , Jul 22, 2013. Cody then went with Kenobi to Kiros. Welcome to the new boards! Clone Commander Cody Biography Gallery.

One of my favourite things about TCW is how it showed the clones were more than just flesh and blood versions of droids - they were people. Cody, Rex, and the royal guards were able to destroy the droids, and Rex subsequently reported their success to Skywalker.

how did clone commander cody die

Later in the war the Republic intercepted a coded hologram of Ventress and General Grievous planning an attack on Tipoca City. During the skirmish, Skywalker managed to kill the traitor, now revealed to be Tal Merrik, before he destroyed the ship. Cody then took Wooley , Waxer , and Boil to scout ahead.

Commander Cody, a sad end

Boba Fett? The group managed to take back the station and discovered the droids had hard wired an "all-clear" signal to the unsuspecting Republic Navy that would allow General Grievous to attack Kamino and stop the clones' production once and for all.

Following his manual detonation, the all-clear signal ceased to broadcast, thereby alerting the Republic fleet of Grievous' presence near Kamino.

how did clone commander cody die

They gun down Jedi children in cold blood when ordered to do so. Revanfan1 , Jul 27, 2013. As a precaution, Cody also stationed clones every couple of meters between the hangar bay and the brig.

However, Cody was injured in their gunship's crash and was left behind with Kix. Start a Wiki. For this act, Rex accepted the last two survivors into the 501st Legion.