How click heat pads work

Lower Back Pad: That sounds very aggravating. Came across the ClickHeat booth, at the Tampa fair.

how click heat pads work

She also said that the this was the last day for the kiosk to be in the mall and our only chance to purchase the items without driving an hour to the South Shore. Do not buy!!! If it was enough to put it in hot water, you could do it in a restaurant or a pub on a slope. The minute I got home I had a feeling it was a scam. Cons Need to boil them to reuse them, which is inconvenient for the large neck or back pads. These heat pads are extremely cool to watch. Very involved resetting process and length of time it stays hot for is no good!

They will last forever if you take care of them.

how click heat pads work

Upon returning home, we found that the products do indeed need to be boiled in a pan on a stove for a long time, and then handled with tongs to remove and dry. I used my stop watch to measure the duration of the reaction.

how click heat pads work

Interesting yet disappointing. I purchased them at Danbury Fair Mall for my family and my aging father who has serious back and knee issues after somehow falling for the pitch they gave about safety and heating time. Pros First time use it's kinda cool.

Strongly advise against any purchases from this item or company. Cons Heat doesn't last long.

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We were very interested in the heat products that you were displaying, as I felt this would be beneficial to my health problems. Fast-heating Cons: I also informed them that per Rhode Island law, that they are supposed to have the return policy printed in the receipt, which they did not, nor did they inform me prior to my purchase that they didn't accept returns. Product was grossly misrepresented! I'm afraid to touch it.

How do sodium-acetate heat pads work?

I saw a lot of people didn't like them but I love them. To speed up crystallization, simply shake the reusable heat pad until it is completely crystallized. The most frightening part of this is that they are marketing this as a family-friendly therapy product when in fact it can cause dangerous burns if it touched the skin.

Please do not purchase these, unless you want a one time use for maybe 30-45 min maybe.