Guitarists who use telecasters

The Guitars That Built Rock: The Fender Telecaster

This is available in a left handed version, as well as HH dual humbucker configurations. Learn more about the entire Fender Player Series electric guitars and basses. I wanted to know that can Tele's SS config pickups be replaced by HS or SH config as i wanted a little heavy sound for mainly metal or hard rock but i also need that blues,jazz sound for funk.

They evidence the wear and tear of countless gigs, including worn finishes, rusted hardware, and aged parts.

guitarists who use telecasters

A semi-hollow body serves up a vibrant bluesy voice, while a pair of humbuckers packs a punch sure to please even the pickiest tone freak. Is that a bad sign? Prior to this, guitar bodies were hand-carved. Or as a working pro you need a Tele that you can play night after night, show after show—a true workhorse. Greenwood and Radiohead guitar tech Plank have also added a killswitch and various wiring mods, plus a couple of nice scratchplate stickers.

Blues guitarists that use a Tele?

The Fender American Elite Series electric guitars are armed with the latest 4th Generation Noiseless pickups that pair up convincingly with high-gain amps and music styles. The Telecaster's popularity helped pave the way for the many other solid body electric guitar models that followed from other manufacturers—some of them thinly disguised knockoffs of the original Tele.

guitarists who use telecasters

I have a friend looking at N7246552 telecaster. Squier teams a throaty Fender Wide Range neck humbucker with a bright, chimey Duncan-Designed single-coil bridge pup for the best of both worlds in the Squier Vintage Modified Custom Tele. I don't know about any other models or years. That guitar, as it turned out, was a prop.

guitarists who use telecasters

Well, as you can see, not a lot, above all when listening to this animal play guitar as he plays, and knowing that the Germans were seeking the real tone of an authentic American Fender. Barrett had two main Teles.

guitarists who use telecasters

Revelation likes this. Greenwood and his main Telecaster Plus in action. Any help would be appreciated.