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Episode 174

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fairy tail episode 173 wikihow

OVA 3. OVA 5. Also watching from the sidelines is a mysterious figure in a hood, whom, upon seeing Natsu, begins to cry. Volume 24. Orashion Seisu.

Episode 173

As the figure relents and turns to face him, Jellal can only stare on in utter disbelief at who they are. To Your Friends!

fairy tail episode 173 wikihow

OVA 4. Volume 43. OVA 1.

Fairy Tail Episode 175 English Dubbed

Sting and Rogue then launch their combined attack, and the guild all stand in wonder as Natsu makes no apparent move to dodge. Erza notices a change in his attacks and it is shown that Sting has put a Magic circle on Natsu, but he quickly burns it off. Spirit vs. However, before they can so much as move, Natsu and Gajeel rush at the Twin Dragons, punching them away.

Elfman vs.

Episode 175

However, the two Lamia Scale Mages then manage to outsmart Millianna and defeat her. Natsu tricks Lucy to help him on a mission to steal a book from a corrupted politician. Natsu Eats a Village! Exploding Flame Blade to defend himself, Natsu stands tall amidst the debris of the attacks, whilst Sting and Rogue, having been hit full on by the spell, fall.

fairy tail episode 173 wikihow

Volume 27.