Doctor who cardiff locations for weddings

Hilary Filming location for: Availability 2020.

doctor who cardiff locations for weddings

National Museum of Wales: Keisha and Bradley were both wonderful. Torchwood House.

doctor who cardiff locations for weddings

Tooth and Claw Confidential by davidtennantdotcom. All rights reserved by the BBC. West Ham United - Newcastle United 02-03-2019. It was Cardiff Castle! A stunning public beach in the village of Southerndown.

doctor who cardiff locations for weddings

The Castle has featured on a few TV programmes before and since - notably ' Most Haunted' in 2004 shows castle ten years ago before restoration several History programmes search 'Craig y Nos' on You Tube for some recordings , the Whites comedy series which sadly lasted only one season, a few S4C programmes inclluding some featuring the castle's history as a TB Hospital 1920-1960 , some music videos created in the theatre for a good one, check You Tube - The Storys and also here and most recently, on Celebrity Wedding Plannner 2013 broadcast between Big Brother and the Big Brother Eviction.

Wedding Party.

doctor who cardiff locations for weddings

James Street Filming location for: Eurostar - using wifi on a train filmed 2 Dec 2012 [Story Location]. Roam around the Cardiff filming sites of the classic British series "Doctor Who".

doctor who cardiff locations for weddings

Watford Fc: All Packages This activity is wheelchair accessible. Availability 2018. A huge, stunning castle in the middle of the town of Caerphilly.

Getting Married at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff

Being a huge Doctor Who fan, I was just a little excited. Castell Coch website! Farm animals, little gift shop, picnic tables and the forest itself provide a safe and exciting environment for all.

For more on the History of Torchwood see the Dr Who Torchwood page and see also the offficial Torchwood House website a curious spoof site.

14 Doctor Who locations that were recycled for new episodes

View all photos. It was like a mini-city, fully functioning and with all its services and infrastructure had descended upon the castle. Last of the Time Lords.