Csr classics when to use nitrous

If you're planning on or are comfortable with spending some real world money, it may be worth doing so at this point. Copyright 1999 - 2019 ChapterCheats.

csr classics when to use nitrous

Sporting a Decal will give you extra cash at the end of each race, and that reward can be as much as if not far more than the prize money. Keep up the good work. The needle can be rising or falling, the only thing that matters is ensuring you get that Perfect Start prompt.

Nitrous Maniac

Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Build your car up with ALL Level 5 upgrades. You'll still need a maxed car to win the boss car though.

csr classics when to use nitrous

Special tips and tricks Now onto the really good stuff: I found that focusing on improving the bodywork of the car first worked best, as doing so maximised the assets already under the hood. However, with the mechanic, it becomes a cakewalk. Without a halfway decent one to turn to, I've taken it upon myself to create one for you, the petrol head readers of Pocket Gamer. Therefore buying a premium decal with Coins, and doing so early on in the Tier, will see you knee-deep in dough.

User Info: I found that activating my boost just as I came out of my penultimate gear change made for the fastest times, as it got me to the highest gear quickly without inducing any wheel spin. Please Submit a Problem for any incomplete, non-working or fake cheat listed above.

How to win a Boss car without paying for the nitro boost for CSR Classics

Loved cars come with upgrades already installed, so you'll progress through the main campaign at a much faster rate. Sign up for free! Also, to whoever's writing the FAQ: If you're in a frugal mood, grab yourself the best Unloved ride you can afford - its statistics are displayed on the left of the screen. You'll get the best times if you can get a "sticky perfect launch" , but those take a lot of practice; I'm probably only able to get it once every 10 restarts or so, but they're necessary if you want to tackle the best times.

Some great information here, thanks for sharing it.

csr classics when to use nitrous

Fastest cars for each tier: Got any tips to share? If you're a talented racer, you can hold off on improving the gearbox and nitrous for a while too, as you should be able to cope without them for a good portion of each Tier.

Completion of all three increases the prize stakes the following day, so being a regular racer has its rewards. After beating all the lower level guys, you need to beat the boss 3 times.

csr classics when to use nitrous