Chip shot soccer wikihow

Just like a pass on the ground, a pass in the air should have end over end spin. Things You'll Need Soccer ball.

Backspin allows you and your teammates to control the ball more easily. So, what should you do when you are forced to strike a ball in the air?

chip shot soccer wikihow

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chip shot soccer wikihow

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If you don't have another person to practice with, you should try practicing chipping the ball at different distances. Basically, your hip should be on a pivot. Using whichever trap you think is best for the situation, trap the ball to slow it down and bring it under your control.

chip shot soccer wikihow

Do you have any other suggestions? Hitting the ball with the outside of your foot slices the ball.

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Click on another answer to find the right one... If you are looking to gauge the effectiveness of your chip launches, try to measure the distance in terms of yards.

This technique may be used for a variety of reasons. I'm thankful for the information which I learned only by reading and watching it. Use the inside of your foot; if it was your right foot, you would use the left part that runs from your ankle to your toes.

Find someone who can throw the ball to you and help you adjust to the movement needed to get the trap perfect.

chip shot soccer wikihow

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chip shot soccer wikihow

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