Can of whoopass labelle

Tazzee - A New Wife.

can of whoopass labelle

The wife of the home would go in her room and get drunk. Every week it...

can of whoopass labelle

Been a minute - Haven't blogged in a couple of months! Tasted like what is believed to be carbonated piss.

Dropped dead!! Cuz she go off on everybody! But this is also a reason I sow a LOT of seed... Rhapsody Phoenix. I got to fight someone in ATL! I didn't see anything. Just Write Now! She has folks that live with her? I am the same way.

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This is just under the limit o... The Green Eyed Bandit 7: Son, don't make me open the the 'can' of whoop-ass! What if you get called to testify.. You would've been like me and sang some Patti Labelle in the middle of the street...

open a can of whoop ass

Tayari's Blog. It is rare to be around men in touch with their emotions. Why was I singing along to your lyrics "if only you knew" lol 3. Yes she has a TON of people living with her. LadyLee 5: Think you cray? I would be so upset, because I am gonna have peace in and about my home. Ponder that one, why don't cha.

can of whoopass labelle

That woman ain't seent crazy until she roll up with some mess like that on ya'll. Good Monday Morning...