Xk8 engine ticking when accelerating

Engine Knocking or Tapping Sound That Varies With RPM

Make sure all the driveline bolts are tight and providing you're happy there's nothing wrong with the driveline, mountings, shocks or buses then try jacking the rear wheels off the ground - securely obviously - and run the engine up to vibration speed in Neutral first.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Jaguar revised the design on the second gen ones and incorporated a spring to keep the secondary chain taut all the time.


Accounts My profile. Keep experimenting with the position of the clip and keep notes of what you've done. Does your noise go away after a couple of minutes. BUT the noise will slowly come back within a few seconds.

xk8 engine ticking when accelerating

Posting Rules. Slight and even feathering inside and out is normal on the front tyres. Any free play either up and down or side to side is not.

xk8 engine ticking when accelerating

Attachment 18570 Attachment 18571 The engine number should be here at the rear of the block. There is a conversion kit from the States that converts the gauge to give a accurate reading. Next progressively move both clips in increments of a few degrees away from that mark in opposite directions round the shaft and see if you can improve it further.

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xk8 engine ticking when accelerating

I also read I may have a semi-blocked oil line coming up from the oil pan. Simiilarly, harder acceleration at 50 and the vibration isn't there.

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CATS suspension may be fitted as an option to any X308. A good general rule of thumb for engine condition is quiet running with just faint injector tick audible and internal cleanliness.

A very faint gear whine may be heard in intermediate gears but any gearbox issues or concerns are potentially fatal. Accounts My profile.

xk8 engine ticking when accelerating

I did the jubilee trick many years ago on a Triumph Herald so will try again on the Jag - not massively happy at running it up to 70mph on axle stands though! Find all posts by Sean B.

xk8 engine ticking when accelerating