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Besides, even now, speakers of the dominant language take occasional backward steps.

Disappearing Languages

Crystal established that, though it is practically impossible to understand if a language is safe or not, it is still necessary to try to establish levels of danger in order to prioritise our attention and efforts. I would recommend it to anyone interested in other cultures or who values learning other people's perspectives. Through these measures, Mirandese not only grew in number of speakers according to UNESCO Moseley, 2010 , there are now a few thousand speakers of Mirandese but also drew attention to its importance, which means more investments for studying, teaching, developing and nurturing it as a language of Portugal, part of Portuguese cultural richness.

He travelled to all the places where these severely endangered languages were still spoken. I guess Steve Jobs is the most conspicuous one. Perfect Order: The only safe policy is: Thinking Fast and Slow 02013 Science,Psychology,Culture,behavioral economics,prospect theory,intuition,fast thinking,slow thinking,nobel prize Craig Childs: I like how the author pointed out that when a language is lost, so I think it is fascinating that there are individuals who love and understand linguistics, languages and cultures, and are making it point to study languages, and determine which languages are on the verge of extinction.

Oct 22, 2013 Jason rated it liked it. Books by K. People can speak both languages well but, in time, the old language gives way to the new one, taking this process to the third stage. I'm always amazed there aren't drugs by now, but there aren't.

TLWEC shone a light on access to the technology, tools and ideas a person or group might want or need to live in a way that was of their own devising. Reintroducing a language into a community, Hinton says, is a long, multistaged process. The contents of this book read like a memoir of sorts for a linguist who does not consider himself a polyglot despite admitting that he can work with somewhere in the range of a dozen languages, many of them extremely obscure.

Daniel Everett

He is genuinely… I don't know what the word is… an inspiring, uplifting, helpful force in the world. Everett spelled out what it takes to preserve a living language that is endangered. The Whole Earth Catalog may have been his most famous creation, but he's been involved in dozens of other, possibly even more influential, projects since.

He was brought up in Rockford, Illinois, where his father worked in advertising and his mother was a Vassar-educated space fanatic, an enthusiasm that rubbed off on her son. With the help of recordings and videotapes, his team creates a record of languages that may be just a few dozen speakers away from being silenced forever.

Thought-provoking and engaging, this unique book illuminates the global language-extinction crisis through photos, graphics, interviews, traditional wisdom never before translated into English, and first-person essays that thrillingly convey the adventure of science and exploration.

Just as plants and animals have appeared and disappeared over the millennia, languages evolve, grow, and spread, and eventually dwindle and die. Pressure to abandon a language in favor of a more dominant one has historically been direct and forceful. A different approach is needed where few speakers survive. The preachy, vague writing in the first section annoyed me... It's one of the defining pieces of new journalism, a rip-roaring ride through 1960s psychedelia in which Wolfe accompanies Kesey and the Pranksters across the States on a Day-Glo bus.

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