What type of moves hit shedinja

Best Legendary Pokemon Currently.. Natural Gift is a worthwhile move, helping to compensate for the many gaps in Shedinja's type coverage.

Shedinja (Pokémon)

Damaged normally by: Shedinja Japanese: Shedinja transcends battling tiers, finding frequent use with the Ubers, being welcomed in the Underused tier and seeing little use in the Standard environment. Feint Attack. Path of Exile's latest expansion.. Please do not use this box to ask a question , it will be rejected - this box is for answers ONLY.

Base experience yield 95 Gen. Only supereffective moves will hit.

what type of moves hit shedinja

In exchange, its use is usually just 'one-off' unless Shedinja steals an item that it can rid itself of, such as a Lum Berry , and stealing Leftovers is a waste, whilst Choice Specs or worse, Life Orb, is a hindrance. Forretress can't do much to hit Shedinja, but it can throw up any of Spikes, Stealth Rock or Toxic Spikes, leaving an entry hazard that'll prevent Shedinja from making a repeat appearance unless its team-mates help it out.

Its Ability Wonder Guard probably alludes to this. If Shedinja hits itself in confusion, it'll KO itself.

what type of moves hit shedinja

Thief is an option for similar reasons, although its use expands beyond interfering with berry-strategies. Remember, that 1 HP doesn't go up.

Is there any attacks that can hit Shedinja besides..

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what type of moves hit shedinja

Personal tools Create account Log in. It does not prevent any indirect damage, such as from burn , weather , recoil , and entry hazards.

what type of moves hit shedinja

Generation VI. Charged Attacks: Sand Attack. Pairing a Baton Passing Shedinja with trappers such as Magnezone or Dugtrio allows for additional possibilities, presenting useful opportunities to destroy the opponent's counters.