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It's one of G1's flaws. He always complained that his various restraints chafe, much to Velika's annoyance.


Starwars7495 - Turaga Misadventures possible series, one part posted. The mystery of it all in the original years is what kept the bionicle alive for me. ANP aims to create narrated versions of all the Bionicle books, with voice actors for each character, and music taken from various media to enhance the story.

An awesome line of buildable robot toys by lego. Godly god of LEGO gods that was too godly that it was canceled. Revenge is sweet isn't it? The main antagonist, Makuta Teridax, is the best villain that he is better than a super-villain, whose plans foiled in many minutes.

It brought out a bad in me, that I have since killed off. It was very devastating that Bionicle's toy line in 2010, and now the first half of 2010's most famous songs remind me of that traumatic event.

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Where did the Toa come from? All of these are reasons why I feel that Bionicle is so special to me.

what made bionicle so special emoticon

It's a hard thing to do to swallow your pride and admit that you need to work together, instead of compete. That kind of content for children seems to be hard to find nowadays, especially in Lego themes - Bionicle was very unique in this regard. But that's what Bionicle does.

what made bionicle so special emoticon

Remove a page from a maintenance category. Posted Apr 04 2016 - 07: People are special - each and every one of us are special - but we are not perfect. Despite there being a huge cast of friendly and unfriendly faces, none of them feel like clones of one another. Enjoy your visit!

what made bionicle so special emoticon

You know you want too, because Bionicle is where most of my paycheck comes from. Black one with the symbol on it. This user's favorite launcher is the Midak Skyblaster.

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What Made Bionicle so Special?

What really did it for me was when LEGO stared creating a new toy line and story lore around the characters that represent each individual toothbrush! No wonder I've been a fan since the age of Three and I am still as dedicated as ever. Likewise, G1 was "unique and individually better" at some things and not others.