What is pre-owned means

A certified pre-owned phone is one that has been strictly inspected for any problems or issues that may have developed since the phone was originally shipped from the factory. Time Traveler for pre-owned The first known use of pre-owned was in 1934 See more words from the same year.

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what is pre-owned means

First Known Use of pre-owned 1934, in the meaning defined above. You must be logged in to post a comment. Image courtesy of Flickr.

what is pre-owned means

Don't click the following. Head, shoulders, metaphors, and toes.

what is pre-owned means

Love words? Comedian ISMO on what separates a boot from a trunk. Read the details here. Statistics for pre-owned Look-up Popularity.

Certified Pre-Owned Phones: What Does It All Mean?

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what is pre-owned means

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what is pre-owned means

The Times suggests that one way to curb this expensive phone-swapping routine is by buying pre-owned devices. Share pre-owned.

Definition of pre-owned

More here. November update: A Google employee lied about it. Interactive stats: More from Merriam-Webster on pre-owned Rhyming Dictionary: I've started naming names.

E-Cleaning the Environment: One of the biggest reasons that families buy a certified pre-owned phone is to get around contractual obligations to carriers.