What is legal aid in india

Legal Aid in India

Four years ago, the 68-year-old filed a civil case against her husband, a retired government employee who allegedly abused her, physically and emotionally, through most of their 50 years of marriage. Mumtaz was joined at the five-hour hearing by nearly 50 other women.

what is legal aid in india

On April 10, a tearful Mumtaz narrated her story to a panel of five women social workers and lawyers at a jan sunvayi , or public hearing, in Mumbai. The report also stated that there is 14 per cent under-utilisation of funds allocated to state legal services authorities. Upon receiving completed application forms along with the requisite documents , these Legal Services Committees refer the matter of the applicant to a Screening Committee for scrutiny and evaluation as to whether the litigant is entitled for legal aid and whether prima facie case is made or not.

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what is legal aid in india

Typically, such private lawyers accepting pro bono matters voluntarily charge no fee or a minimal fee for such matters. While legal aid is provided and organized by non-governmental organizations, law schools, bar associations, and also individual advocates, the demand for legal aid clearly exceeds the supply. In furtherance of the Constitutional mandate enshrined in Article 39A, The Legal Services Authorities Act 1987 was enacted which allowed any person to seek legal aid under the Act to defend or file a case and if belonging to any of the specified category, viz.

Directing the State Legal Services Authorities to set-up Committees for evaluation of the actual benefit received by the beneficiaries under Section 12 of this Act in respect of each project and programme, and to send copy of such reports to NALSA.

Applying for Legal Aid

Instead, the 1987 Act focused on assigning a lawyer to the needy client in the traditional style of protracted litigation with its attendant costs, uncertainty and delay, thereby defeating the purpose of a legal aid law for the poor. The preamble of the Indian constitution basically aims to secure to the people of India justice — socio economic and political.

what is legal aid in india

See M. See section 12, Legal Services Authority Act 1987. The purpose of the study was to understand the functioning of legal aid cells established by law colleges in these states and suggest ways to improve their functioning to be effective instruments of access to justice. As a recipient of free legal aid, you are entitled to: Free legal aid for socially and economically vulnerable people was introduced across India in 1995, when the Legal Services Authorities Act came into force.

See http: It has the powers of an ordinary civil court, like summoning, examining evidence etc. He stressed on the need for competent legal aid lawyers, providing effective legal representation. Since legal representation is costly and out of reach for the disadvantaged, the need for legal aid arises. Cases for which legal aid is not available: When can the legal services be withdrawn?

Access To Legal Aid In India : An Unfulfilled Promise ?

Thank you. What is Legal Aid? The Concept of Lok Adalat: While Mookhtiar takes legal aid cases completely free of cost, choosing not to accept the Rs 7,500 honorarium, Asim Sarode said the honorarium is too little. In addition to laying down policies for legal aid, these agencies are tasked by the law to raise legal literacy by conducting awareness camps.

what is legal aid in india

Human rights.