What is deficit reduction action plan

Department of National Defence - Departmental Performance Report 2013-14

The OIC has amassed years of corporate knowledge and experience in delivering its program. Openness and transparency are government priorities. Due to complexity and dependency on external factors, some of the initiatives have experienced delays. Although the perspective of the oversight body may differ from that of government institutions, all attempts are made to maximize efficiencies and resolve problems in a mutually agreeable manner.

IT capital replacement, maintenance, etc. The Access to Information Act explicitly prescribes that the Information Commissioner shall receive and investigate the complaints of individuals who believe that their rights under the Act have not been respected. Change the mix of administrative support functions and corporate services resources to better respond to requirements in terms of skill sets and levels of expertise.

Program Achieving results? The divestments are grouped into three categories: The OIC 's program is mandatory and fundamental to our democratic institutions. The OIC has started to work with these organizations as well as other agents of Parliament to explore shared services opportunities, especially with regard to internal services.

Conducted a comparative analysis with other departments of similar size to assess and challenge the reasonableness of operating budget expenditures. Needed and relevant?

what is deficit reduction action plan

During this transition, the OIC will need to maintain its resource levels as stable as possible and closely monitor individual performance and productivity.

Once the Special Delegation pilot is completed, it will be assessed for broader applicability to all refusal cases.

These measures, coupled with agile case management and improved collaboration with institutions, have resulted in significant improvements in program delivery and tangible results. The increase in salary expenditures has been due to the successful staffing of the majority of vacant investigator positions and the augmentation of internal legal capacity to address court proceedings and deal with complex and contentious cases.

All audit recommendations have been implemented.

what is deficit reduction action plan

How does it compare with delivery of similar programs in the private sector, other levels of government or internationally? Of the nine initiatives, seven successfully completed all activities in FY 2013-14 with the remaining two commencing implementation on 1 April 2014.

Deficit Reduction Action Plan Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada

Given the redress regime set out in the Act, there are no other levels of government, private sector or not-for-profit entities that could deliver the OIC 's program. Specifically, the OIC:. As a result, the organization is now nearly fully staffed and many new staff have benefited from targeted training geared to business requirements. It will also enhance reporting and analytical capabilities.

Defence is on track for personnel reductions, both civilian employees and full-time Reserves and in reducing expenditures related to contracting.

what is deficit reduction action plan

Secondary menu About Us. A recent audit found that the Complaints Resolution and Compliance Branch has in place business processes, performance metrics and information, and that staff adhere to legislation and policy directives in completing investigation files.