What is alloy wheels

what is alloy wheels

Aprilia SR150 70,348. Steel wheels are heavier than aluminum, so when you put steel wheels on a car that has had alloy wheels, you tend to find that the extra weight dampens acceleration and agility, lowers the car's center of gravity and in general makes it drive more like a tank. It takes a great force to bend steel wheels, and it is almost impossible to crack them.

what is alloy wheels

Is it all about looks, or is there a technical reason behind it? Kawasaki Z250 3,08,000. Heavier wheels will make tires bite the snow harder, and when driving in snow, having a car with dampened acceleration and agility, an artificially low center of gravity and a sense of solidity and heaviness can be a very good thing.

They offer performance advantages over steel wheels, as they are often several pounds lighter per wheel - less weight means quicker acceleration and faster stopping.

Alloy vs. Steel Wheels

Wednesday, December 10, 2014, 15: Yamaha Fascino 56,041. Select your City. Please select your city.

what is alloy wheels

Alloys or steels; what's best for you? Get the Best Drivespark Stories. Alloy wheels are now standard on most cars because they offer both cosmetic and performance advantages.

The Rim Reality: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Alloy Wheels

April 04, 2018. We answer these questions and more in this important story. Best Cars in India.

what is alloy wheels

Steel wheels are significantly stronger than alloy wheels. Check out the blacked-out rims on the adjoining Porsche Cayman, it's very easy to see why so many fall for alloys.

What are Alloy Wheels and what advantages do they have?

Thank you for Subscribing to Us. In extreme driving conditions, alloy wheels are better able to dissipate heat away from brake components than their steel counterparts.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800.