What does cocking a pistol dominant

Typically the pistol canted outboard about 45 degrees. For the other eye, the target object disappeared. When the shot is rushed, the support hand usually fails to get a good two-handed grip. Informal testing showed no noticeable increase in retention, but a significant delay in delivering accurate, aimed shots. This is sub-optimal, as it points the right eye off to the right side, reducing peripheral vision to the front left.

Carrying A Double Action Pistol

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Sign Up for Our Newsletter: T his is a potentially dangerous process; if your thumb slips whilst pulling the hammer back and you release it unintentionally, the firearm will likely discharge.

what does cocking a pistol dominant

I am not aware of any other practical fix for this with long guns. Body mechanics almost force the pistol to near horizontal because the wrist cannot bend sufficiently. There are plenty of models out there, made by a number of manufacturers in a number of chamberings though.

One of the idiosyncrasies we encounter is the support hand completely on top of and covering the dominant hand.

Gun Stance: Right Hand-Left Eye — Cross Dominance Aim

Granted, there are plenty of big-bore revolvers in DA as well... His varied interests and hobbies include camping, fishing, hunting, and spending time at the gun range as often as possible.

what does cocking a pistol dominant

Another, more modern revolver safety is the transfer bar which, although it works in a different way, still requires the trigger to be fully depressed for the gun to fire. Both thumbs touching are a proper characteristic of SUL. Only 3. With most any activity based lesson, it is a sound idea to revisit the basic drill to ensure we have not varied from the core skill set.

A shooter who is right handed, but has a dominant left eye is cross dominant.


Any questions pertaining to firearms training or safety for Eddie can be directed to info calibremag. With handguns, we have some options. Even when the pistol is held at a shallow angle, safety becomes a concern. Jeff used this technique because he was right handed, but left eye dominant.

what does cocking a pistol dominant

Some are lacking key components. Shooting double-action is also a fantastic method of learning trigger control as the tougher pull requires better technique to shoot well.

what does cocking a pistol dominant

Some are rather close to the mark.